In 2003 Joel Shapiro put together a valuable tool for Cowboy Action Shooters who want to improve their competitive shooting skills. His book is an insight into what several top shooters ideas are on training, equipment and the mental part of the game. While everyone does not have the same approach, this work gives one a lot of good information. "Read this book, get some good instruction and we will see you in the Top Ten Shootout." -Gene Pearcey, Evil Roy

Here's what some of the other top shooters have said:

"The best resource for beginning and intermediate shooters" -Long Hunter, Jim Finch

"This is the book for the Cowboy Shooter who wants to improve their game" -Lassiter, Tom Wildenaur

"Anyone who reads this book can learn something from it, no matter what their skill level." -Quick Cal, Cal Eilrch

"Straight shootin' on equipment, practice, and mental strategy from the best shootists in the game! This is the only book in my practice bag!" -Marshal Harland Wolff, Spencer Davis

"One of the best training tools to date" -Kanada Kidd, Ken Kupsch

In addition, this book has been endorsed by several top shooters:

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